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Pea & ham soup

Creamy fisherman’s pie


Jumbo hot dog


Steak & kidney pudding




Mulligatawny soup

Breast of chicken Mexican style


Bubble & squeak cake with roasted cherry tomatoes


Meat & potato pie




Broccoli soup

Lamb curry with chilli & yoghurt


Vegetable jalfrezi


Chicken pasty





Asparagus soup

Ratatouille bake


Open garlic butter chicken kiev


Chicken & bacon melt




Halloween menu

Please see display notices in restaurant


Also served every day: chips, jacket potatoes, beans, gravy and vegetable choice


---------------------------  SANWICH BAR  -----------------------------

Sandwich prices shown are for white or brown barmcakes,
Torpedo rolls 45p extra.

Egg Mayonnaise  £1.90
Cottage cheese £2.00
Cheddar cheese £2.00
Cheese mix (Cheese, mayo, tomato and onion) £2.20
Cheese & Ham £2.45
Tuna £2.00
Tuna Mayonnaise £2.20
Tuna crunch (Tuna, mayo, pepper, onion, sweet corn and cucumber) £2.40
Corned beef £2.00
Pastrami £2.00
Ham £2.00
Beef £2.00
Turkey £2.00
Chicken £2.00
Chicken special £2.30


Tuna & cheese £2.45
Ham & cheese £2.45
Cheese £2.00


Dressings 20p
Sachets 10p
Onions 12p
Peppers 15p
Lettuce 12p
Cucumber 12p
Tomato 12p
Sweet corn 10p
Cheese 45p
Coleslaw 20p



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Retail offers offering great value for our customers


March offers

2 For a £1 Galaxy, caramel,or Honeycomb

Ribena Mango £1 each

Walkers pops 65p each

Rice krispies squares 65p each

Walkers salt & vinegar, plain, prawn, or cheese onion 56p each

Volvic touch of fruit 80p when you buy a sandwich

Rowntrees randoms 55p each

Oat so simple Porridge  & tropicana £2

Nature valley crunch only 50p when you buy a hot drink

While stocks last


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