Fire Procedures

Action to be taken when discovering a fire:

  • Sound the fire alarm by breaking the glass at the nearest fire alarm call point.  These are found by every fire exit and major internal doors.
  • Shout fire
  • You must not use a fire extinguisher unless you are competently trained to use one or you are in an immediately life-threatening situation e.g.  If escape routes are blocked by fire.  Our policy is to evacuate from fire not fight it, the protection of life, not property, is our primary concern.
  • The building is fitted with an automated system, which is designated to raise the alarm on detection of fire and smoke.  This does not replace the duty to sound the alarm manually where fire is discovered and the alarm has not yet activated.


Action to be taken on hearing the fire alarm:

When you hear a Fire Alarm (intermittent):

  • This is a warning that there is cause for alert but that occupants should remain within the building until further instructions are given.


When you hear a Fire Alarm (continuous):

  • Leave the building by the nearest fire exit and make your way to your designated fire assembly point
  • Fire Wardens to sweep their office space and communal areas for the floor and ensure everyone is out of the building.
  • Do not stop to collect personal belongings.
  • Do not use the lift.
  • Fire Wardens to report to the Security Lodge with their fire register and confirmation that their area is clear
  • Do not re-enter the building until you are told that is safe to do so by an authorised person e.g Landlord – Frogmore Northern, Fire Wardens etc.
  • Staff unable to evacuate by their own means e.g. impaired mobility should make their way to the stairs and locate themselves on the stair landing behind the fire doors, this will provide protection until the fire brigade arrive and evacuate these staff.
  • Managers in charge of disabled persons are responsible for ensuring that adequate arrangements are made for their evacuation as soon as that person joins them.  This should include consultation with Fire Wardens for that zone.  Fire Wardens should assist by directing volunteers, including First Aiders to help disabled persons and casualties during evacuation.  Abled-bodied persons should be ready to provide help, as directed by Fire Wardens during evacuation.


Fire exits and Assembly Points:

  • Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with your fire exits and designated assembly points in the car park.


Fire exits and Assembly Points:

  • If you set the fire alarm off by accident, please contact reception immediately on 0161 275 9292 to inform Security the reason for the alarm and that it is a false alarm.
  • The fire alarm will be silenced and reset.


Fire Alarm Testing:

  • Fire alarm tests are conducted on site every Friday at 11.00am.
  • Please do not evacuate the building at this time.